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Dr. Kalle Stidham

Dr. Kalle Stidham is an ace-level orthopedic surgeon in the Bay Area.


Dr. Stidham’s fellowship training in sports medicine and arthroscopy give him top-level attributes. Along with his outstanding academic background, he brings genuine compassion and understanding to create individualized treatment and care. 


Listening to patient's needs and guiding them through a patient first gameplan is key.  Dr. Stidham empowers patients so that they take an active role towards peak recovery. 


Dr. Stidham graduated from the Des Moines University Medical School in 2002. Afterwards, he completed his top notch orthopedic surgery resident training at the UMNDJ SOM. Additional and specialized fellowship training in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy was completed in 2008 at SOAR.  


From injured workers and athletes to everyday people, Dr. Stidham prioritizes every patient’s condition and background to provide the personalized medical attention they require to heal, improve function, and return to the activities they love. He considers each patient an athlete, with the ultimate goal of getting back on the field of life. 


As a board-certified physician through the American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Stidham is committed to finding a solution that works best for your health needs.

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